The number one question Mike gets asked is: “How much for a session”? – which is answered in our FAQ.

However, the next most asked question is: “Do you do Photoshop?” Here, Mike talks you through his answer…

“Yes. Yes I do.

However, most fly-by-night part time “photographers” these days have Photoshop…so why am I different?

The difference between the Craigslist weekend warrior and me, is that I’ve been digitally manipulating my work for over 20 years – longer, in fact, than Photoshop has been around! I was trained on big old industrial computers called “Scitex”. Back before digital cameras and the internet put digital tools in everyone’s hands and made all of us ‘photographers’ I was scanning my own film and altering reality from behind a computer. Over the course of 25+ years as a retoucher, I have worked for Europe’s largest magazine publisher, advertising agencies, and on projects for clients such as Abercrombie and Fitch, Banana Republic, Adidas, Nike, Apple, MINI USA and Converse.”

‘Photographers’ supply you a ‘print’. At Portland Pin-Ups, we create artworks of you, for you, that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

“Do I ‘retouch’ / ‘photoshop’ / ‘airbrush’ ?? You betcha!”

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