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Over the years, I’ve captured over 200 special days for brides and grooms, and I’ve loved every single one of them! Around 4 years ago, I stated to get a little jaded with the wedding photography industry – the art of capturing a wedding through the eye of an artist had been replaced by anyone with a half decent camera advertising on Craigslist for $500…including all the files on disc. Ugh. A professional photographer can’t compete with that price, and shouldn’t – to photograph a wedding “properly” is a week of work, and years of investment in your craft. I bowed out gracefully and concentrated on my studio pin-up work.

Early this year I was contacted by a good friend of mine, Debbie, about helping to photograph her daughters wedding. 5 years ago I captured her other daughter’s wedding, and she was putting together a team to handle McKinsey’s wedding. I wasn’t on the hook as lead, but I was requested to be there to “help”. This seemed the best possible scenario for me – no pressure, have fun, and capture a glorious wedding!

Together with my very good friends Jason and Melissa, I had a wonderful time documenting the wedding of McKinsey and Rich! The day reminding me of everything I love about wedding photography: capturing a couple of their most special day, all the emotion surrounding them and their family, the excitement of their friends…

What always got me on wedding day was if the groom broke…if he cried as his bride walked down the aisle, so did I…and Rich did! It brought back so many memories of weddings past. So many happy and magical moments of wonderful couples.

With the magic of Facebook, I am still connected to many of the couples I created wedding portraits of, and I’m so happy to see so many of them still happy, thriving and with growing families of their own!

Best wishes to McKinsey and Rich for the future – may it bring everything you wish for, and provide everyone you hope for. It was my pleasure to help capture your very special wedding day.

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