Dystopian Future – High End Composite Retouching

Early this year, during the quiet months of late winter, I took on a new personal project to try to learn a little 3D techniques. After a month or so of going through the tutorials of Blender, learning the basics, I decided to jump in and see what was possible. I bought a couple of base 3D models, both 1950s concept cars – a Ford Atmos and a Firebird (real cars!) and started to learn textures, lighting and rendering. Putting these new skills together with my retouching experience, I decided to create a futuristic world for the cars to live in. Here then, is my (still in progress) project – Detroit 2100….

The base backgrounds are a mix of stock photography and images I have taken on my travels. The two base cars were taken into Blender, then I created all the textures and surfaces, positioned to match the backgrounds and lighting added, then rendered out. Then all the futuristic elements were added to the scenes. This first one had the most ‘love’ and took around 50 hours of total work, and has over 300 layers in Photoshop.



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