Frequently Asked Questions

“Can anyone be a pin-up? I don’t have the figure for it….”
Yes! Anyone really can be a pin-up. If you don’t have the classic hourglass figure, there are many other poses that can show you off to your best and sexiest! Mike has spent years perfecting the art of posing a lady to show her absolute best – you will leave the studio looking and feeling fabulous, and will end up owning a series of portraits that show the very best version of YOU that you can be.

“Do you provide hair and make-up?

Every pin-up session includes professional hair styling and make-up artistry with our amazing creative team.

“Do you provide wardrobe?
We don’t have a rack of outfits here at Portland Pin-Ups. Our pin-up sessions are custom and unique to each client and we want the final portraits to reflect YOU. If we had outfits here, we’d have to have one of every single size, and you’d be wearing clothing that many ladies have worn before you…ewwwww!

“Do you retouch the images?”
Portrait enhancement is the mark of a true artist. Every single portrait that leaves our studio receives hours of love and care from Mike using his 20+ years of retouching experience.While Adobe Photoshop seems to be given free with a box of cereal these days, that doesn’t mean that photographers who use it are skilled with the art. Mike has been a digital retoucher since before Photoshop was even born, and helped lead the digital revolution. Rest assured, your portraits are in safe hands.

“Can I have a disc of the files?”
My first response to this one is usually….”Why? What are you going to do with them?!” Digital files are all the rage, and there are many Joe Schmos of Craigslist offering a shoot and all the files for pennies. While I’m sure that a few of them may have some talent, they are not working professional photographers and are in fact degrading the industry. They are also very far from the experience and artwork you will find at Portland Pin-Ups. We create custom, unique artworks. We believe that artwork is best displayed as wall art, or in our custom albums.

However, we also don’t live in the past and do know that our clients often do want access to the digital versions of their portraits. Social media ready versions are supplied for any ordered poses and the High Resolution Digital Masters are available for an additional fee.  The whole shoot? No. Sorry. We only release fully finished artworks.

“Do you need models?”
Sometimes, our clients don’t want their portraits displayed for the world to see on the internet. To allow us to continue to show new work, we have our Portland Pin-Ups Bombshells. We don’t currently have any openings for new Bombshells, so please do not ask or offer to model for us.

“How much does is cost?”
We create custom, one of a kind artworks. When you commission Portland Pin-Ups to capture your beauty, we promise to return artworks showing how amazing you are, and that you will cherish for the rest of your life. We promise you this…YOU are worth it.
Portrait sessions are $399 including professional hair styling and make-up artistry. Your session fees do not include any artworks – they are purchased after your session and you can choose as many poses as your heart desires. Artwork investment varies – it’s a little like asking a real estate agent “how much for a house”?! Totally depends on how many bedrooms, zip code etc!    Please enquire for our full 2022 pricing guide.

“I have friends, do you do parties?”
Our studio is aimed primarily at looking after one special lady at a time, but we do offer parties for up to four friends for a fun, exciting time. Please contact us for group rates.

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