James Hunt inspires High School Senior Portrait Session

Portland Pin-Ups is not your run-of-the-mill, boring same old same old photographer. We create one-of-a-kind custom artworks for our clients, whether they are ladies wanting vintage pin-ups, or high school senior young men wishing to be a racing driver!

Enter young Ethan, a class of 2016 High School Senior who wanted his senior portraits to be as bad ass as possible! He has many interests, but wanted to focus on his guitar, his dirt bike, a love of James Bond, and a love of Formula One racing and James Hunt in particular.

For Ethan’s session, as we do with every session, we captured him in studio on a plain white background. All the magic then happens in post production. All the background elements are comprised of images previously taken by Mike (our photographer and artist) on his travels around the world, mixed with stock photography, and elements captured specifically for each client. Cars are often called for, and we add those in a top secret and very cool way.

Ethan brought his own dirt bike to the studio which was manhandled down the stairs by Mike and Ethan’s dad, Greg, almost killing both in the process! Sourcing an Aston Martin DB5, or, harder still, a 1976 McLaren M23 Formula One car is obviously much, much harder! Some “photographers” these days would take to Google, find a picture and download and use that. At Portland Pin-Ups, we respect copyright laws and instead have our own, top secret method of inserting cars into our artworks. It actually involves a huge amount of retouching and our method means that we can put almost any car available into the shots. (and no, we don’t stalk the streets shooting strangers cars!!)

Here then, are Ethan’s finished artworks.

Congratulations Ethan, today is your day, you’re off to great places, you’re off and away!

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