New Bombshell!

The Portland Pin-Ups Bombshells are more than just eye candy, and more than just models that help me create new ideas and new artworks. We are a team and our own little family! Two of my Bombshells, Erienne and Nicky, are also professional hair stylists and make-up artists, and they are in charge of ensuring that my clients look stunning and ready for their portraits. Blonde Bombshell, Kim, was my on-set ‘fluffer’ – helping clients to relax, fix outfits / hair as needed and generally make the sessions go smoothly. Sadly, Kim has moved to Bend and while she remains a Bombshell and will appear in new artworks in the future, she’s no longer available for client sessions. Today, we welcomed a brand new Bombshell to the team! Meet Johanna! 
Johanna won the Miss Portland PIn-Ups contest back in 2014, and when Kim knew she was going to be moving on she actually recommended that Johanna would be a great replacement. Today was her first client session and she arrived ready for action, bringing with her a great sense of humor, perfect fluffing skills and plenty of rude one liners…she fit perfectly! 
Next step is to get Johanna in the studio for her own Bombshell session soon, and then we’ll show her off as an official Portland PIn-Ups Bombshell!!

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