Portland Pin-Ups


People sometimes wonder what exactly Portland Pin-Ups is.  In business, it’s useful to have a short ‘elevator pitch’ lined up so that when you are asked what you do, you can relate it quickly and confidently. Here then, is the elevator pitch for Portland Pin-Ups…

We create custom, unique and stunning artworks of people who want to own one-of-a-kind portraits of themselves to celebrate how awesome they are.

Sometimes our clients come to us wanting a present for a loved one, sometimes it’s because they have lost a lot of weight, or hit a birthday milestone, or because they are newly single. Sometimes it’s just for fun.  Always, they leave with artworks they cherish.

Our creative team is headed by photography/artist Mike Long, and includes our amazing hair and make-up stylists, Nicky and Erienne. On session day, you have access to your own personal Bombshell, Johanna, who looks after you and helps with outfits and cheerleading!

Portland Pin-Ups started when Mike was testing some lighting for weddings (Mike’s photography career began as a wedding photographer and he’s captured over 200 special days) and local model, Cherry Dollface came along to pose for him.  After the session, Cherry suggested they do some pin-up, since that’s what she did.  An hour later Mike was hooked on pin-ups and it became his obsession.

As time went on the public started to become interested and requests for pin-up sessions started to rise.  Over the following few years, this quickly became Mike’s speciality and he devoted all his time to creating a very unique portrait studio.

Today, Portland Pin-Ups is the most sought after pin-up studio on the west coast, and Mike has carved out a brand new niche in custom portraiture. He is also the only pin-up artist to have spoken at the annual Wedding and Portrait Photographer’s Convention, in Las Vegas.
You are in the safest hands when you commission Portland Pin-Ups to create your arworks.

Our clients are not models, they are doctors, teachers, lawyers, policewomen, mothers, wives, girlfriends, engineers, FBI agents (really, not kidding) – ladies from all walks of life, of every age, shape and size. EVERY woman is beautiful, and it is our mission at Portland Pin-Ups to capture that beauty.

The Portland Pin-Ups studio is located in NW Portland, and we look forward to creating beautiful artwork of you soon!


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