Press Release: Portland Photographer Celebrates BTTF Day with Pin-Up Homage

For Immediate Release: 10.21.15

Portland Photographer Celebrates BTTF Day with Pin-Up Homage

“If there is only one movie I could pick to watch from the 80’s to watch over and over, it would be Back To The Future”. Owner of Portland Pin-Ups, Mike Long, has loved the classic movie since it’s release, 30 years ago. With today’s celebration of Back To The Future Day – the day in 2015 that Marty travelled into the future – he has used his pin-up portrait company to create two stunning artworks as an homage to the original movie.

Titled “The Future” and “Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads”, the artworks star one of his Bombshell Models, Katie Layne from White Salmon.

Creating stunning pin-ups for clients in Portland and the surrounding area is Mike Long’s speciality, but his passion is producing fine art pin-up pieces with his models, the Portland Pin-Ups Bombshells:

“My Bombshells help me refine my ideas and often suggest new ones. Katie knows that Back To The Future is one of my all time favorite movies and suggested we try a pin-up take on the original poster. I then took that one step further with the 2nd artwork.”

Maybe his love for the original movie, where Marty McFly travelled back to 1955, explains how Mike Long ended up creating fun, pin-up artwork with heavy 1950s influence!



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