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Bombshell: Katie

One of my favorite things to do with my Bombshells, is to create new art that wouldn’t be something we’d do with a client. Something fun, just for me. This project started out as an idea to recreate classic movie posters but in pin-up form. Back To The Future was always one of my favorite movies growing up and I’ve been obsessed with the Delorean ever since. I mentioned this to Katie and we hit upon recreating the original BTTF poster.

Well – I’m both happy and sad to report that it came out amazingly – so good, in fact, that I have decided not to show it. I know – it bums me out too, and you should have heard the words from Katie! (such a sweet girl, usually).

The problem is this – I hate it when other photographers copy my work, and when I looked at the finished poster, it was an exact copy of the awesome original, complete with a Delorean Time Machine that I had shot, and it was too close to the original for my comfort.

Instead, I then went and created a 2nd version – totally different to the original – an homage. Enjoy!

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