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Portland Pin-Ups is not your average photography studio, and Mike Long is definately not your average photographer…

Since the digital revolution, everyone and their brother is a “photographer”. You get a camera from Christmas, slap an ad on Craigslist, and off you go. Except it’s not that easy. Along the way the fine art of posing a lady seems to have been lost, as well as the most important part of any portrait – communication.

A session with Portland Pin-Ups is like being a young girl again and playing dress up. You get to be silly, have fun and relax. Our creative team will lavish you with the very best 50s hair styles, the longest eye lashes and the most lucious lips. By the time you step in front of our studio lights, you are already on your way to being a pin-up bombshell.

Our sessions are, in Mike’s own words: “dumb, stupid fun”. With over 20 years of photography experience (and a funny accent) Mike has very specific ways of relaxing each client and getting the very best from them. One look at our client galleries will show how much fun the ladies are having. It’s not boring, or stuffy, or difficult. Mike’s no-nonsense, easy going approach will have you looking and acting like a super model in no time.

A week later you will return to the studio to review your session on the big screen and make your final artwork selections – leaving you with an amazing experience and a set of portraits that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come.

Portland Pin-Ups is by appointment only, and is studio based.

Portrait sessions begin at $399. Please enquire for our full pricing guide.

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