Singing In The Rain – Portland Portrait Photography

And so that magical time of year is upon us here in Portland, where we celebrate the return of the rain!! At least for a day or two, until we all start to moan and whine about how wet it is, and how long the rain will last and how grey the sky will be for the next 800 weeks….I was curious to see a new phenomenon this morning on my way to the studio.

When we moved here 10 years ago, one of the famous “quirks” about Portland was that you could spot a tourist at 20 paces in the rain because they had an umbrella. REAL Portlanders shunned such a device (for reasons I’ve never understood) and took being soaked to the skin as a badge of honor. Today I stopped counting at 30 people with umbrellas on their way to work.

Lots of Portlanders moan about the influx of people moving here, but the fact is that new blood is the key to a vibrant city. And if it means that more people embrace something as simple and useful as an umbrella…instead of trying to be hipster cool, then I’m all for it!Apologies to any hipsters…

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