The Bombshells

The Portland Pin-Ups Bombshells! These are the ladies that help us refine our pin-up ideas and show the public what’s possible. Our current team of Bombshells are five crazy ladies who all happen to be previous clients of ours! Each chosen to represent a different type of pin-up, they work hard on their outfits and help Mike flesh out new ideas before we unleash them on the public.

Our Bombshell models often cause some confusion, so maybe a little explanation as to what, who and why they are with us!

Portland Pin-Ups started when Mike was testing some lighting for weddings (he shot weddings back then, and has actually photographed over 200 special days) and local model, Cherry Dollface came along to pose for him. After the testing, Cherry suggested they do some pin-up, since that’s what she did. An hour later, Mike was hooked on pin-ups, and it became his obsession. Two other local models joined that year, Mandy Apple and Dottie Diamond. Between the models and Mike, they created some fun, silly, nostalgic and unique portraits – mainly just for fun, and for Mike to flex his artistic muscles.

As time went on, the public started to become interested and requests for pin-up sessions started to rise. Over the following few years, this quickly became Mike’s speciality and he devoted all his time to creating a full time pin-up studio. With clients taking up the bulk of the time, model shoots started to tail off. In the last two years though, Mike realized that the model shoots were essential to the company for a few reasons.

First, we have clients from all walks of life, and even though the art we create isn’t really what you’d call ‘risqué’, some of our clients don’t want their portraits splashed over the internet. So we need fresh and new work to show the world on a regular basis.

Second, while Mike has a (very) over-active imagination, and an idea list that could stretch to the moon, creative people love to spur off of others, and as a team we come up with a final idea that is often better than when first conceived.

Finally, every artist needs to let off steam now and then, and model sessions allow Mike to have fun and create without the pressure of supplying a final product for a client.

With all that in mind, Mike began to see the value of having a ‘team’ of models that can help represent the studio, come up with ideas, look fabulous and help to show what’s possible – and the Portland Pin-Ups Bombshell Models were born.

Little known fact – most of our current Bombshells are actually ex-clients! Part of the reason they are chosen is that Mike has had the opportunity to see how they take direction and how they contribute to the creative process.

Please note – we have a full team of Bombshells and are not currently accepting new applications – please do not ask if we need models, or offer to model for us.

In the gallery below, you will see many of the fabulous artworks of the current Bombshells, along with a few from our original crew of Cherry, Mandy, Dottie and Satheara.

We currently have five Bombshell models:

Erienne has been with us the longest and first came to us via a Groupon deal! She came along to her session with her mum, and was awesome, bringing a ton of creative ideas with her, along with her goofy faces! She was a Bombshell from that moment on. A hairstylist and make-up artist by trade, Erienne is one of our creative team in charge of transforming our clients into Pin-Up Superstars!
From Erienne:
Erienne is currently busy buying a house with her beau, Max, and will be giving us her own bio soon!
Portland Pin-Ups Bombshell, Erienne

Nicky first met Mike at a wedding a few years ago, where she was the hair stylist and Mike the photographer. A couple of years later Nicky came to Portland Pin-Ups to record how awesome she looked pregnant, and when Mike saw how she was in front of the camera, he knew she’d be back as a Bombsell when a little less pregnant! A hairstylist and make-up artist by trade, Nicky is one of our creative team in charge of transforming our clients into Pin-Up Superstars!
From Nicky:
“I’m Awesome…”

Kim, is our Blonde Bombshell! Another ex-client, Kim first came to us for a fun shoot with her toddler. Like our other girls, it was clear from the moment she stood in front of the camera that she had what it takes, and she was invited to be a Bombshell soon after. Kim served as our on-set Bombshell for 2 years, before beginning a new adventure with her family in Bend, Oregon. She will always be a Portland Pin-Ups Bombshell, and will return for many new amazing artworks to come!
Fom Kim:
Raised on a unicorn farm, Kimberly spent most of her early childhood playing with glitter and braiding hair. It was about the age of ten when she was captured by a dragon and was forced to throw on her sports bra and hit the softball field. With the dragon breathing fiercely down her back, Kimberly spent the next ten years as an athlete behind home plate in catcher’s gear. She often wondered why she was forced to put on that mask every day. Was she really that ugly? Perhaps.
After ten years of playing in the dirt with chicks, Kimberly felt it was time to hang up her sports bra and slay that dragon once and for all. After this victorious move she quickly found her glitter again, only this time as a dancer. She knew she did the right thing when she met her Prince Charming, who happened to be the lead singer for a band that she was a back-up dancer for.
Today Kimberly spends her time as a burlesque performer and posing for the camera. Glitter, braids and all.


Johanna is the newest member of our Bombshell team, joining us in 2017 as our on-set Bombshell to take care of all our client’s needs! Johanna first came to our attention in 2014 when she entered our “Miss Portland Pin-Ups” contest, and slayed the competition to take the crown! Since then, we’ve kept in touch and when Kim retired from the day to day at the studio, she actually suggested Johanna as her replacement! From day one, she fit right in with our motley crew of awesome ladies!
Fom Johanna:
“I had brain surgery…”

Katie is enthusiastic about everything pin-up, and this was very clear from the first meeting…have we mentioned she’s obsessed?! She embodied the very spirit of the girl next door who can be a pin-up star, and is every bit the Bombshell we wanted. In recent times, Katie has been very busy falling in love, starting a business and building a house!
Fom Katie:
Hey everyone…this is Katie! I am 32 years old and was born and raised in the very small town of White Salmon, WA. I am the owner of a small drive thru espresso stand called MoJava in Bingen, WA and am the mommy of an 8 year old son who makes my world go ‘round! My life and entire existence changed after bringing my son, Klayton, into this world. I became more confident in myself, and began to grow and better myself as a person. I found the confidence to go back to school and am currently in a Bachelors’s program at Portland State University. I was a client at Portland PinUps in 2010 in celebration of a new fit body and to give myself a confidence boost. I have always loved the 1940s and 1950s eras and find so much beauty in the women who lived and loved in those years. I was told as a teenager I was too ‘fat’ and too ‘short’ to ever become a model as I had dreamed at the time, I lost all hope and was shattered after learning this. I am honored that ‘curves’ are what’s in to be a real life pinup Bombshell, and that Mike Long gave me a new self love and worth by inviting me to join his team and work for him at Portland PinUps as one of his 4 chosen Bombshells. This journey has been incredible for me, a small town girl, already! I look forward to what the future holds for me as part of the Portland PinUps team…To Infinity And Beyond…

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