Portland Pin-Ups is known for the stunning, one-of-a-kind pin-up artworks we create for our lovely clients…but did you know that Mike has captured over 200 weddings through the years?

The story is best explained in his own words:

“As Portland Pin-Ups grew, I made a conscious decision to work with less wedding clients each year, and today only accept a maximum of five wedding commissions per season.

Top 5 reasons to hire me to capture your wedding:

1) You value the art of photography and want STUNNING portraits on the most important day of your life.

2) I’m experienced. Very. I’ve captured over 200 weddings and was trained professionally – this means that I know how to pose people, ladies…BRIDES…correctly. I also know, and have experienced, anything that can happen at a wedding and am more than prepared.

3) I have a cool accent. Your relatives will love it. Especially Grandma. Grandmas love my accent. They can’t understand a word I say, but they love to listen to me talk.

4) I make your day FUN! Your bridal party, especially the groomsmen, hate, HATE, having their portrait taken. I make the process relaxed and easy letting everyone’s personality shine in the final portraits.

5) I don’t just hand you a disc of 25,000 images that you’ll chuck in a drawer never to be seen again. With over 20 years of commercial retouching experience, I will finish your portraits to create artworks and provide you with a STUNNING album that you will be proud to show off.

Top 5 reasons NOT to hire me to capture your wedding…:

1) Budget. Weddings are expensive. You have the dress, food, venue, limo, DJ, drinks etc to pay for. If you’d rather spend more on all those things, that last for a maximum of one day than on stunning photography that will last a lifetime, then don’t hire me. I’m not the cheapest photographer in town.

2) You don’t like English accents.

3) Your uncle Bob has a ‘nice’ camera.

4) Bossy photographers who will tell you how to pose (correctly), guide you and your bridal party through the day and generally make sure that things go to plan scare you.

5) Erm…..can’t think of a #5. Hire me. ”

Wedding commissions begin at $3000.

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