How Much?

How much? What does it cost? Is it expensive?

One of the most common enquiries we get at Portland Pin-Ups is based around price. My standard answer is that it’s a little like asking a real estate agent “how much for a house”? Totally depends on zip code, how many bedrooms etc. Same thing here…you can buy a few artworks, or a stunning 40 page album! So. How much is it, and is it expensive? Expense is relative, if having an adventure and lovely artworks isn’t something you think you would love, then at any price, it’s probably expensive.

Alternatively, if you come away from your session glowing and feeling like a million dollars, then even if you do go ahead and purchase a large album filled with artworks, to YOU it will be incredibly valuable, and worth every penny. These days, many “photographers” will take some pics of you, then throw them all on a disc for a few hundred dollars. That’s fine, but you aren’t getting the love and attention of a personal stylist or being posed by someone with over 25 years of professional experience, and you certainly aren’t going to walk away with bespoke and beautifu artworks!

The Portland Pin-Ups session includes a one-on-one pre-session consultation, professional hair styling and make-up artistry as well as time and talent on session day. The session fee is $399. Artworks are purchased after your session and you get to decide how many you desire (it will be ALL of them!) and whether you wish standalone artworks or an Heirloom Album.

Our minimum purchase is three artworks, and that is priced at approximately the same as a good tattoo artist will charge you for a couple of hours inking. Only YOU can decide if that is expensive, or incredible value.

The one thing we do promise, is that YOU are worth it and no-one ever leaves us feeling anything other than fabulous!

Go on, upgrade your selife…get in touch today to being your Pin-Up adventure!!

Don’t take our word for it, here is a quote from one of our recent clients, Mary:

“It’s worth it! Truly the biggest confidence boost ever! I walked out feeling, and looking, amazing! (So amazing my boyfriend didn’t recognize me because I hardly ever wear make up!) I loved so many of the pictures, getting it down to 20 for my album was hard. I’m so thankful for this experience and for Mike and Nikki for making it so fun and special! I will definetely do it again and recommend it to all my friends!”


Portland Pin-Ups Artwork

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