Like a bag from Louis Vuitton, or a shiny ring from Tiffany’s, artwork from Portland Pin-Ups is a hand crafted thing of beauty.

Without doubt, the most frequent question we get asked is: “How much”?

There isn’t a one size fits all answer to that question, it’s different for every lady. Some of our clients desire some beautiful Signature Artworks for their walls, others are turned on by our gorgeous Heirloom Albums. It’s a little like asking a real estate agent, “I want a house, how much”? It will depend on zip code, how many bedrooms, old or new and so on.

Starting a pin-up adventure with Portland Pin-Ups isn’t like any other photographic experience you have had before, indeed, we’ve heard it’s unlike ANY experience you have had before! Prepare to feel flattered, pampered, special, and most of all, prepare to have a lot of fun. And, of course, prepare to be blown away by your finished art.

In an age where the tools to be a photographer are cheaply (often freely) available, it now seems that everyone IS a photographer. This has changed how people view having their picture taken – we no longer visit a high end studio to have our portrait taken, instead we hold our cell phone high for a selfie and post it on Facebook! These days, most people’s experience with a ‘professional’ photographer is picking up a Groupon deal for $29, sitting still while a 17 year old snaps a few shots, and then receiving a couple of cheaply printed ‘photos’. These are not the type of portraits that will end up as heirlooms.

At Portland Pin-Ups, you are pampered from the minute we first meet. Every client visits the studio for a personal consultation for a relaxed chat about hair, make-up and outfit styles, and so that they can see, touch and hold our Signature Artworks and Heirloom Albums.

On session day, you will enjoy the attention of our team of creative professionals – full 1950s hair styling and make-up artistry. Then you are ready for your starring role in front of the lights and to be transformed into a pin-up by Mike’s relaxed coaching and posing techniques – you won’t even realize you having your picture taken because you are having so much fun!

Once you have made your pose selections for final artwork, Mike uses his 20+ years of advertising retouching experience to create stunning artworks for you.

Every session at Portland Pin-Ups includes professional 1950’s hair styling and make-up artistry. Session fees are $399.

Artwork investment varies – it’s a little like asking a real estate agent “how much for a house”?! Totally depends on how many bedrooms, zip code etc! At Portland Pin-Ups, you invest only in the poses you LOVE (spoiler alert, it will be all of them!). 

Please contact us for our full investment guide and pricing.

We promise you one thing above all else, YOU are worth it.


Portland Pin-Ups Artwork

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